Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Why 'one-name'?

Why is this a one-name study? I started to trace our family history a few years ago. When I began searching the records for the Gunnee name I found that there were only a few occurrences each year, and all fairly localised. This led me to start a one name study on the basis that it was far easier to collect all the references to the name first time round, rather than go back to find a reference that I passed over as not being relevant earlier.

As a member of the Guild of One Name Studies I have made a commitment to “collect all references to the registered sumame(s) on a world-wide basis”. And my registered surnames are Gunnee, and just in case there was a connection, Gunne.

The early decision seems to have paid off & with only a few exceptions I have been able to connect the Gunnee individuals I have found into a single tree.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

New home for the Gunnee one name study

AOL have taken away the free webspace I was using for the gunnee.com website, so as a cost-effective alternative I am changing the previous website into a blog.

The contents of the previous website (& hopefully some new info) will appear here shortly.