Friday, 29 October 2010

Mentions in The Times

I gained time limited free access to ‘The Times Digital Archive 1785 – 1985’. Searching on the name ‘Gunnee’ brought up 19 references. After my initial excitement this was effectively reduced to 7 entries when I discounted articles which mentioned gunner, both the profession and name, and "Guineas".

Monday 20 August 1934

‘News in Brief’

When entering a train at Turnham Green station on Saturday John William Gunnee, aged about 70, of Davidville Road, Shepherd’s Bush, slipped and was dragged along the platform. He suffered serious injuries and died after admission to West London Hospital.
John William was one of the brothers of Samuel, Thomas and James Gunnee. He was born in Doncaster in 1864. In the 1881 census he was staying with George Gunnee in Thorne and by 1925 he was living in Hammersmith and was a ‘Foreman of works (mansions)’. Although he was married twice, his first wife dying of ‘Tubercular Softening of Brain three weeks’ (apparently this may have been due to a stroke or haemorrhage) according to her death certificate in 1888, I have yet to confirm any children.

There were two entries in The Times for the RHS Chelsea:

5th June 1957 ‘Wide Range Of Pelargoniums At R.H.S. Show’ From Our Horticultural Correspondent.

Geranium Society – cup for the best ivy-leafed variety – Mrs E H Gunnee

30 June, 1954 ‘Bigger Delphiniums On The Way Fine London Display’ by our horticultural correspondent.

The leading winners in the Geranium Society were ... One ivy-leafed pelargonium – E Gunnee, Gillingham.
9 July 1981, The Times University Results Service, entry for Rachel E Gunnee

Two of the remaining entries concerned a divorce:

The initial entry was 13 July 1878 and carried on in an entry on 15 July 1878. The entries were for the case of Teulon v Teulon and Gunnee. The gist of the case was that Mr Teulon had met his future wife in Hull and in 1871 while they were both under age (she was ‘a little over 16 and leading an immoral life’) they moved to Stepney and married. He was a sailor and he returned to sea leaving his wife to return to her parents. While he was at sea she ‘returned to her old life’, formed a ‘connexion’ with ‘Gunnee’ and passed as his wife. The divorce was granted on the basis of adultery.

The article doesn’t make it clear if Gunnee was in London or Hull, although I would assume Hull. Not sure how I will be able to narrow this down to an individual Gunnee though.

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